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Get yourself the best trinkets from British Souvenirs to remind you of your days in the UK. We, at British Souvenirs, always strive to serve our customers the best. Established in 2013, We successfully run 13 outlets in London, York, Edinburgh, Liverpool and Stratford upon Avon.
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Great merch and some funny tees. If you missed the shops or want some location specific British souvenirs, they have it. My main point of gratitude is towards a staff who was really genuine and approachable - what a great experience! 10/10.

Mike Leigh Cooper-Google Reviews

Good selection of Liverpool and Beatles themed souvenirs. Just the thing for tourists visiting Liverpool, for the first or subsequent time.Awesome store,  everything is so well displayed and affordable too.

David Williams- Google Reviews

I’ve never seen such a store with this much wide variety of souvenirs and gifts. The one stop destination for all of your souvenirs and gifts collection. They have York Vikings store too. Awesome interior and appearance. I will visit again.

Farooq, Google Reviews

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