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The Beatles - Things You Didn't Know.

The Beatles were one of the most influential acts in Twentieth Century popular music. While everyone knows their hits, here are some facts you may not know about the Beatles. After going through this page, you must be aware of some golden opportunities to get the best Beatles gifts.

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Check out five weird and wonderful facts about our favourite Liverpool band, The Beatles.

A Tin Bath was used to make Music.

Yellow Submarine is one of the most iconic songs from The Beatles and was helped along by George Martin’s engineers. The engineers were instructed to find props for the song to make the recording sounds seem genuine and add some colour’ to the mix. An entire range of props was used, including chains, whistles, hooters, handbells, and even a tin bath.

Ringo wasn’t the Drummer for their First Hit.

Ringo Starr was the drummer for all The Beatles songs, correct? He didn’t play the drums on their first hit, Love Me Do. Session player Andy White stepped in whilst Starr was told to tap a tambourine. Their producer George Martin (may he rest in peace), thought that Starr was rushing into the choruses, so he had a White stand-in.

The Famed Final Chord

There are many famous moments in several of The Beatles’ songs. But the famed final chord In A Day in the Life was played simultaneously by McCartney, Lennon, Martin, and the band’s road manager, Mal Evans. They recorded it on three pianos and created the legendary final chord together.

They uniquely shared Songwriting Credits.

The two lead singers of the Beatles had an unusual agreement where they would both get songwriting credits for tunes that only one had written. For example, McCartney was the primary songwriter of the band’s classic “Yesterday” and had little to do with the writing of “The Ballad of John and Yoko,” but these songs were attributed to both Beatles.

Banned by the BBC

Do you think I Am the Walrus is an R-rated song? The BBC did as it banned the hit, not for its anti-establishment tone but for the word ‘knickers’ used within the song lyrics.

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