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Top Characters of Vikings

The overlapping stories of the Vikings, spanning many countries, provide us with many characters to follow. In the course of the travels of Ragnar Lothbrok and his five children, some Valhalla proves to be more worthy than others. Since we are inundated with intense action sequences and high-budget fight scenes, there is always someone to praise and make fun of. In a show like this, we will experience unimaginable strength and evil. There are tons of characters that match that prediction, but being a Viking doesn't automatically cause a person strong. Even within Norse society, some are pale in relation to our favourite heroes in terms of determination.

On the other hand, some of the enemies of the Vikings have proven themselves in this regard. Anglo-Saxons are not always demolished by Northerners and for good reason. You will find almost the same determination and courage on this side of the conflict, and sometimes in unexpected places. There are certainly plenty of characters to perform in this competition. So let's understand who can take on the top Viking warriors and fearless leaders in the series.

King Ecbert:

Even if you prefer Vikings, you have to realise that Anglo-Saxon King Ecbert has some standout times and victories, as he is rarely disappointed by his strategic mind. Most Anglo-Saxons deeply fear the Northmen and their incredible strength and brutality. Ecbert came out this way and gave us a worthy opponent on the English side. He was prepared for raids from him and decisively defeated them in season two, and he doesn't stop there.

Instead of going the easy way, he negotiates a truce and grants them farmland. He then orders his son to get rid of all of them, proving that the Vikings do not have a monopoly on force.


Ivar was unbearable even as a child. He didn't consider that little Siggy died and he was always important to everyone, even his own brothers. He grew up to be a psychopathic tyrant that he cannot please. He likes to torture people and has no problem waging war against his own family.

Although unappealing, he is the character that keeps the wheels rolling. Without Ivar's struggles, the show would miss much of its spark and tension. Like it or not, we need Ivar to keep Vikings as interesting as they have been before. He is great at strategy and can outsmart people in a similar way to his father.


Ragnar's second wife is unsympathetic not only because she is the reason Ragnar left Lagertha, but also because she never cared about him or her wishes, used him to advance in life and become the new one. Queen. Soon Ragnar's crush wears off and she begins to boil with resentment and bitterness.

She bore him four children, but she cared little for them. She developed an unhealthy bond with Ivar and allowed others to run wild without supervision. Without Ziggy, her children would have drowned. She does not respect Ragnar at all: instead of telling her own children of the exploits of her father, she speaks of her own father of hers. It's safe to say that no one was sad when Lagertha stabbed her with an arrow.


The arranged marriage to an Anglo-Saxon king does not prevent Judith from finding her independence. She is initially punished for being involved with Athelstan, but then she leaves with King Ecbert and gains a lot of freedom. We see her grow into a smart and assertive woman who speaks her mind as the series progresses. She has the foresight to realize that Ragnar's sons will come to avenge her death despite her husband, Aethelwulf, being fired.

It's gratifying to see her gain the confidence to make decisions like telling her firstborn son to give up the throne for her own brother. When we first met her, she seemed meek, but Judith is now showing extraordinary toughness for a woman at this time and in this place.

Queen Kwenthrith:

Speaking of assertive women: Kwenthrith embodies her energy in her actions and her unique charisma, as she is extremely vocal and her passions are never hidden. It's simple to believe that she was the one who poisoned her own sibling to inherit the Mercian throne, and her quest to reach that goal goes to extremes when she operates with Ragnar Lothbrok personally. She does not hesitate to date Vikings, especially when it comes to pursuing her own goals.

Although she eventually sees her death, we can probably all agree that Kwenthrith was one of the most vibrant characters in the series. Many of the Norse women are praised for their power, but Kwenthrith has definitely stood her ground in this section.

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