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Filled with the ruins and reminiscence of a glorious past, York's ancient walls holds a history of over 1900 years. Built by the Romans and later captured by the mighty Vikings, the story of Yorkshire is a tale to tell.

From the Gateways to the Shambles, the city is a marvel in itself, and it's imperative that you take something from here. But, as a tourist, your time is limited, and you might stress out of gifting. That's why we have prepared some of the must-grabs from York for you.

Get cozy while we take you on a little online shopping. If you are already in town, strolling down the Shambles, grab some Yorkshire pudding for an added tang while you scroll through the page!


 If you are in search of keepsakes and York collectables, drop down to the pride of York. The stunning figurines and souvenirs available there feature the medieval architecture of York in all its splendour, keeping your travel memories intact for years to come.



The City Of York Embroidered Patch

A historic city with imposing architecture and scenic silhouette; what's a better way to show your love for the Picturesque county of York than with I Love York keepsakes? From pin badges to bracelets, the York gift options are unlimited, and with so much choice, there's sure to be something to tempt you.



Tin Magnet City of York

 One of the most famous ruins of York, the bars like Walmgate Bar, Bootham Bar and Micklegate Bar are historically important and contribute to the beauty of the city.

You can find figurines featuring these magnificent ruins, and we believe they should have a place in your abode as a lovely reminder of your journey to the cathedral city.



Pin Badge York minster

 Awe-inspiring architecture with a history of almost 2000 years! This is a must-have item on your bucket list. An ancient architecture marvel, York Minster is the largest and finest medieval gothic building of York. Take home a figurine that features the splendid cathedral in all its glory and grandeur! 



Pin Badge Shambles Street sign

 The heart of the city, Shambles is the shopping destination of York. Meander down the famous cobbled paths and discover the best souvenirs and memorabilia to take back home. Buy York gifts of scenic pictures, stunning figurines, and so much more from the gift shop of York – the pride of York - and get an inside scoop on local culture and history with just a little stroll down the street!

Just so you know, Shambles inspired the Diagon Alley in the Harry Potter series. If you are looking for Harry Potter fandoms, you have quite a lot to collect that you might almost feel like you are in the Wizarding World!



Tin magnet York potrait-02

The remnants of the once ceremonial York castle, the Clifford tower, was built by William the Conqueror. A must-visit, especially on a warm, clear day, it is ideal for photoshoots with scenic and picturesque surroundings.

We've here, at British Souvenirs, some of the best York collectables you could carry home to gift to your dear ones featuring the Clifford tower and other stunning monuments of the county. 

BONUS TIP:  Pack light, walk more, and explore in-depth, as the history there is beyond your imaginations!



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