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The History of Tower Bridge in London

Tower Bridge is a connected suspension and bascule bridge in London, constructed between 1886 and 1894. The bridge spans the River Thames near the Tower of London and has become a world-famous symbol of London. As a result, it is sometimes mistaken for London Bridge, about 0.5 miles (0.80 km) upriver. Tower Bridge is one of five London bridges controlled and managed by Bridge House Estates, a charitable trust overseen by the City of London Corporation. It is the only one of the trust bridges that does not connect the City of London directly to Southwark Bank, as it makes landfall in the north at Tower Hamlets.

The bridge consists of two bridge towers connected at the upper level by two horizontal walkways, designed to resist the horizontal tension forces imposed by the suspended sections of the bridge on the land surfaces of the towers. The vertical components of the forces in the suspended sections and the vertical reactions of the two walkways are carried by the two robust towers. Rocker pivots and operating machinery are located at the base of each tower.

Design of Tower Bridge in London:

The River Thames in London has always been an essential river for ships to pass through. So, to continue maximizing the river, inbound and outbound ship traffic had to be maintained. Therefore, Tower Bridge in London was designed so that ships could keep going up and down the River Thames with increased traffic on land.

Tower Bridge is more than just a bridge because it is also a tilting bridge, which means that when the time comes for ships to pass under it, all land traffic stops. After all, the bridge opens to allow ships to pass. . This is one of the main reasons why the two large Victorian towers at both ends of the bridge are not just for aesthetic purposes as they both help support the weight of the bridge, especially when it is opened.

Tower Bridge in London is a huge bridge that is extremely heavy. It has more than 11,000 tons of steel and more than 31,000 bricks, not to mention the infinite number of small screws and rivets. Tower Bridge is a unique bridge, and its modern look differs somewhat from when it was initially built. That's because the colour scheme has changed significantly. From the original mud brown colours to the Union Jack colours, only to be finally painted blue and white in the 1980s.

Tower Bridge Exhibition:

The Tower Bridge Exhibition is an exhibit located in the Twin Bridge Towers, elevated walkways and Victorian engine rooms. Use movies, photos, and interactive displays to explain why and how Tower Bridge was built. Visitors have access to the original steam engines that once operated the bridge gates and are located in a building near the southern end of the bridge.

The exhibition has an entrance fee. The entrance is from the west side of the bridge deck to the north tower, from where visitors take the elevator to level 4 before crossing the high corridors to the south tower. There is an exhibition on the history of the bridge on the towers and sidewalks. The walkways also offer views of the city, the Tower of London and the Pool of London and have a glass floor. From the south tower, visitors can see the engine rooms with the original steam engines, which are located in a separate building next to the south entrance of the bridge.

Visit Tower Bridge in London:

As one of the most important and famous landmarks in London, visiting Tower Bridge along with the Crown Jewels at the nearby Tower of London is a pleasure and is often offered as part of our London Highlights Tour. Although you can walk on the street, the recommended experience is to walk on the sidewalk in person. In this way, you can learn more about the history of Tower Bridge, but also enjoy great views of London over the entire city.

London has many monuments and many of them are iconic. However, Tower Bridge has a certain charm that most other landmarks do not have, and it is a unique structure in its own right. It's well worth a visit and it's always fun to watch the boats pass below you while you enjoy a nice quiet moment on the bridge walkways. When you are visiting London, buy London souvenirs and keep your memories forever with the iconic London collectibles.
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