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Stay Stylish in Dark Winter!

When winter rolls around, it can be too easy to fall into the trend to go out of style. Winter fashion ideas are difficult to come by. When shopping for winter wear for work or finding the right layers for winter, we've got some solid tips for staying warm and in style. Winter is about covering up. Typical winter clothing includes several layers of clothing and gear for outdoor activities, as well as scarves, hats, gloves, and other comfortable items.


Harris Tweed is an extraordinary product. Few places in the world can boast of having a product that powerfully embodies history, heritage and allure of itself. From shearing sheep to hand weaving at Harris Farmers, this fabric has a history. Tweed's long-obsolete vision of rough, gritty, and drab has been replaced by the image of endless Hebridean coloring, rugged durability, and true functionality. Take a look at our wide selection of Harris Tweed bags, wallets, wallets, backpacks and more at Harris Tweed shop, British Souvenirs.


It has come a long way over the centuries and now serves a global market: Ralph Lauren, Hugo Boss, Yohji Yamamoto and even Alfa Romeo cars all use the material imaginatively in their designs. It is exciting that the rapidly developing economies of Russia, India, China and Brazil also welcome you with open arms. As well as being hailed in the fashion world as a high quality luxury material, it is also environmentally friendly and close to carbon neutral.

With the world-class beaches of the Isle of Harris, Harris Tweed is the first thing that comes to mind when thinking about this glorious part of the world. Demand for Harris Tweed Gifts  is increasing, and although the recession has brought so many brands to their knees, this is a product that appears to have accelerated its growth in recent years. I think it's fair to say there is a need, a need for tweed.


Weaving, producing fabric using a continuous thread or a set of threads to form a series of interlocking loops. Knitted fabrics can generally stretch more than knits. The two basic types of fabrics are weft or fill knits, including plain, rib, reverse, patterned, and double, and warp knits, including tricot, raschel, and milanese. In fabric, a column is a column of longitudinally extending loops, corresponding to the warp of the fabric; a path is a transverse row of loops, corresponding to the fill. Aran Traditions Collection is the UK's largest chain of stores offering trendy, quality clothing and wool blend mittens. Accessorize in style with these comfortable gloves made from a super soft acrylic and wool blend.


Most fill fabrics can be made by hand or machine, although commercial fabrics are generally machine-made. The basic stitches are the knitted stitch, a loop passed through the front of the previous loop, and the reverse stitch, taken from the back. Some fill fabrics are brittle due to the dependence of each loop of a vertical row on the adjoining stitch. Kills can occur when a loop is broken, releasing other loops in the same row. These fabrics are quite heavy, have good elasticity and are more durable than plain fabrics. Inside-out fabrics have transverse horizontal ridges on the front and back of the fabric, making them reversible. Printed knits, such as fisherman knit sweaters, are produced by varying the way the knit and reverse stitches are used. Since the knitted stitch tends to move forward and the reverse stitch tends to recede, a variety of patterns can be achieved by adding, dropping, alternating, or crossing stitches. They are made by machine only, with a variation of the stretch stitch, the interlocking stitch, using two threads and two sets of needles, with loops drawn in both directions.


BRITISH WOOL AND CASHMERE - cashmere sweaters

Layers of cashmere yarn from which cashmere clothing is made. It is this parameter that will tell you in which weather conditions you will feel most comfortable with the garment. Generally, more pleats mean warmer clothing. Two-layer cashmere sweaters are the most common and also make up the bulk of our offering. You can wear these cashmere sweaters, cardigans and sweaters all year round and feel extremely comfortable.Lambswool is lightweight and incredibly soft, so when you wear lambswool clothing you do not experience the itchiness that can be associated with some wool clothing. It's a great choice for knitwear, wool cape , layering, and anything that comes in direct contact with the skin.

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