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Everything To Know About Scotland Scarfs.

What comes to your mind when you think of Scotland.? Whiskey? Bagpipes? Highland cows? We certainly have our fair share of symbols that border on cliche at times. But one thing stands out above all of them the tartan scarfs.

Tartan never goes out of style, but our interest in the pattern this holiday season has been renewed by members of the royal family wearing their bright color of scarves to add cheer and welcome in the festive spirit. There are a number of scarfs available, some of these are tartan clan scarves, cashmere scarfs, Lambswool scarves, and also general tartan patterns. So I will share some of the things to know about the tartan scarf and also the best and pure tartan scarfs in this post.

What is a Tartan Scarf?

Tartan is almost always associated with Scotland, but many, if not all, of today's tartans, actually have direct links to the region's historic clans. Tartan dresses were back in fashion in the early 19th century and new patterns were invented. But the patterns are clearly rooted in our British Isles and are largely considered a Scottish tradition. The tartan was as old as the clans it represents, and some of its earliest use date back 10,000 years.

Tartan Scarf

How do you wear a Tartan Scarf?

Scottish pride can be shown by wearing a high-quality tartan grey watch, beautifully crafted, with a fly check and complete the kilt outfit. I like to wear it in a variety of combinations of styles and preferences, but this makes for a very coherent look. Wear it over a classic plaid, make it a check if you wish, or add the tartan MacDonald outfit at the top. Scottish pride could be seen by wearing a bow tie and completing a kilt outfit, as in the photo above. Scots are proud of it and show it off by wearing it alone or in combination with other styles of clothing such as the classic plain.

Different types of Tartan Scarfs.

Here are some different types of pure scarves that I have selected.

Clan Tartans

Scotland's kilt is making way for tartan skirts, skirts, and turbans, while the country's minorities are developing their own patterns for the clan's traditional tartan skirts. Scottish clans and families have been using the traditional check patterns designed and woven in Scotland as a sign of identity for centuries. Clan tartans are predominantly red, yellow, and other bright colors and can be worn in a number of different colors, such as blue, green, orange, red, and yellow.

Clan Scarf

There is no fixed rule as to who can wear a tartan skirt, but some people traditionally look for tartan skirts that are related to the region in which they live or the region in which their ancestors lived and therefore wear it so often. If your surname does not have a specific tartan connection, if you know that you are of Scottish descent, you are entitled to wear the tartan of your clan. Scottish surnames, not all will have a tartan, so there are a number of rules on what you can wear them in.

Cashmere Scarf

Here is a small history about the Cashmere scarf, the name comes from an old spelling of the word Kashmir. This is a place in northern India where its production is originated. Premium pure cashmere feels delightfully soft on the skin. It has always been valued for its warmth and beauty. Once the abundant jewel-like dyes are accounted for, it's easy to see why cashmere scarves are sought after around the world.

Cashmere Scarf

Now let's check out how this cashmere scarf is made. The cashmere scarf is made from mountain goats living in the high altitudes of the Himalayas. Here the climate and the environment are perfectly adapted to the production of cashmere fibers. In extremely harsh winters, temperatures can drop to -20 ° C and the food supply becomes scarce.

This lack of vegetation prevents the goats from producing fat. Instead, they produce finer hair under your fleece that provides more insulation. It is this hair very soft on your body that is precious and from which the highest quality pure cashmere is made. The fleece is harvested in March and April of each year.

Lambswool Scarf

At our Scotland Souvenirs company in the UK, we have many products that are 100% lambswool, but the most common question is what is the difference between lambswool and normal wool. People are often misled and many find it difficult to distinguish between the different types of wool hair, with the soft and luxurious feel often associated with the popular cashmere.

Lamb's wool is a lamb's first shear of 50mm or less. This wool is usually more elastic, slippery, stronger, and softer. The first shearing usually takes place when the lamb is around 7 months old. There is also another type of wool made from a pair of lamb scissors. However, this yarn measures 50mm or more and is called "Weaner Fleece".

Lambswool Scarf

Lamb's wool is the highest quality sheep's wool that can be found to make Lambswool scarves. If the staples are 50mm or less, the diameter of the wool is finer and therefore requires less processing. Because the wool is so soft and light, it is much more elastic than other sheep wool, which gives it an insulating effect. This makes wool perfect for blankets, scarves, and other materials.


If you are looking for a high-quality tartan scarf Scotland souvenirs or cashmere scarf that matches your kilt outfit or clan, we have you covered. If you ever find them at a low price, browse through our collection of high-quality tartan and cashmere scarfs. Clan tartan scarfs, cashmere scarfs, lambswool scarfs with rolled fringes are great choices to complete your kilt outfit or just wear for formal or informal wear. Clan scarfs and cashmere scarf are the common accessories that you can wear with a tartan kilt to complete your kilt or outfit.

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