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Glittered Mini Union Jack W...

London Bags
The Glittered Mini Union Jack Wallet with its vibrant colours and design of the Union Jack flag will melt anyone's heart. This gorgeous souvenir...

Glittered Union Jack Wallet

London Bags
The Glittered Union Jack Wallet is clad with the Union Jack flag giving it a striking appearance.  This beautiful souvenir will remind you of your days...

Union Jack Wallet

London Bags
This amazing Union Jack Wallet will make you take a trip down the memory lane. A perfect addition to a lady's everyday accessory collection,...

Glittered Mini London Wallet

London Bags
Keep your memories and valuables safe with the Glittered Mini London Wallet. This gorgeous souvenir beautifully features the Big Ben, the Tower Bridge and...

Glittered London Wallet

London Bags
The Glittered London Wallet is an ideal daily use souvenir for your London days. This lovely collectible artistically features the Union Jack, the Tower Bridge...
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